GoLang Tutorials

Table of Contents

Section 1: Audience, Programming, Go Philosophies, Setup Audience
Checking we have it setup right Section 2 A step by step approach to Hello World in Go
Typical early errors while programming Go
Compiling and linking with Makefile Section 3 Memory, variables in memory, and pointers
Control structures - Go if else statement
Control structures - Go for loop, break, continue, range
Control structures - Go switch case statement
Control structures - Go defer statement
Multiple return values from Go functions Section 4 - Objected Oriented Programming in Go? Or lack thereof Structs in Go - instead of classes in Object Oriented Programming
Anonymous fields in structs - like object composition
Methods on structs
Inheritance and subclassing in Go - or its near likeness
Multiple inheritance in Go
Interfaces in Go
Interfaces in Go - Part 2: Aiding adaptable, evolutionary design NEW
Polymorphism in Go
Summary of object oriented programming goodness in Go, without the pain Section 5 - Goroutines, channels: parallel programming and communications Goroutines
Channels in Go
Channels in Go - range and select Section 6 - Web Programming Web Programming with Go - first web Hello world
Go Templates
Go Templates - Part 2
Go Templates - Part 3 - Template Sets
Using an external api in a Go web program - urlshortener from Google APIs
OAuth2: 3-legged authorization in a Go web application Section 7 - Google AppEngine for Go Google AppEngine for Go - Installation and Setup
Analysing a Google AppEnginge for Go program
Using an external api in a Go AppEngine program - urlshortener from Google APIs Miscellaneous Go packages and goinstall - creating and using your own packages in Go
gotest - unit testing and benchmarking Go programs
Formatting Go code with gofmt