Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming

Table of Contents

About this Book
Why Read This Book?
What You Need
Organization of This Book
Conventions used in This Book
Building the Tutorials
I. The Basics
1. Hello, Triangle!
2. Playing with Colors
II. Positioning
3. OpenGL’s Moving Triangle
4. Objects at Rest
5. Objects in Depth
6. Objects in Motion
7. World in Motion
8. Getting Oriented
III. Illumination
9. Lights On
10. Plane Lights
11. Shinies
12. Dynamic Range
13. Lies and Impostors
IV. Texturing
14. Textures are not Pictures
15. Many Images
16. Gamma and Textures
V. Framebuffer
VI. Advanced Lighting
A. History of PC Graphics Hardware
Voodoo Magic
Dynamite Combiners
Vertices and Registers
Programming at Last
Modern Unification
B. Getting Started with OpenGL
Manual Usage

Looks like a great resource for getting into 3D graphics programming.