Twitter Scala School

Values, functions, classes, methods, inheritance, try-catch-finally. Expression-oriented programming
Basics continued
Case classes, objects, packages, apply, update, Functions are Objects (uniform access principle), pattern matching.
Lists, Maps, functional combinators (map, foreach, filter, zip, folds)
Pattern matching & functional composition
More functions! PartialFunctions, more Pattern Matching
Type & polymorphism basics
Basic Types and type polymorphism, type inference, variance, bounds, quantification
Advanced types
Advanced Types, view bounds, higher-kinded types, recursive types, structural types
Simple Build Tool
All about SBT, the standard Scala build tool
More collections
Tour of the Scala Collections library
Testing with specs
Write tests with Specs, a BDD testing framework for Scala
Concurrency in Scala
Runnable, callable, threads, Futures, Twitter Futures
Java + Scala
Java interop: Using Scala from Java
An introduction to Finagle
Finagle primitives: Future, Service, Filter, Builder
Building a distributed search engine using Finagle