Phpreboot -- a Reboot of PHP; Keep the Philosophy, Improve the Syntax

The aim is to keep the philosophy of PHP but adapt it to be more in sync with the Web of 2010.

  • less $, less ‘;’ like in javascript
  • secure by default: no eval, no magic quotes/string interpolation
  • full unicode support
  • no from/to string auto-conversion
  • XML literal
  • JSON literal
  • a SQL compatible syntax
  • XPath/XQuery compatible syntax (partial support)
  • URI syntax (partial support)
  • duck typing
  • a dynamic language with a gradual type system
  • dynamic compilation to JVM bytecode using new invokedynamic support (partial support)
  • provide an embedded database derby and a standalone web server grizzly by default
  • can run on top of any JEE stacks, it’s a JVM language !