Twitter and Me

I’ve been using Twitter for some time now and I post to Twitter orders of magnitude more than I post to this blog. With my blog, I don’t feel like I should post something unless I have something interesting or funny to say that others would like to spend some time reading. However, Twitter makes it easy to just post whatever I’m doing or thinking at any random time, reply to other’s conversations, keep up on what’s going on with friends, etc.

I really like the Twitter model, too, in that there are some very interesting constraints:

  • messages are 140 characters or less
  • Twitter auto-shortens links with tinyurl
  • no embedded audio/video (I’m looking at you, Pownce)
  • very simple network model (follow and be followed)

Twitter’s been the whipping post of the Internet for the past year because they had some well-known scaling issues and this was incorrectly blamed on their underlying Web framework, Ruby on Rails. Twitter’s got some things going for it as far as an interesting example of scaling, though, in that the model is so simple. I’ve been playing around in my mind with designing a Twitter clone in Erlang or Stackless with no RDBMS just as a mental exercise. More on that if it ever becomes concrete-er-ish.

In any case, my blog isn’t going to die for a while but if you really want to keep up with every little thing with me you should follow me on Twitter ;-)