Philly Emerging Tech 2008 Wrapup

Wow, this year’s ETE was even better than last year. A bigger crowd, a better venue and great speakers made this year the best yet. I can’t wait for next years! There’s a lot of cool stuff going on around the Philly area that you’d never know if it weren’t for events like this. E.g. did you know MapQuest is located in Lancaster, PA? I had no idea until yesterday.

In other conference news, my talk yesterday went pretty well. People seemed to really enjoy it and the room was full. You can view my talk slides on Hadoop on my talks page along with my other slides from previous talks (including last year’s ETE talk on Comet).

Thanks to Chariot for putting on another excellent event, in particular Tracey Welson-Rossman and her merry band of awesome facilitators! Keep it going for next year :)