Philly ETech Wrapup

Well, the Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference finished yesterday and boy was it fun. I had a great time watching the talks, meeting new people, seeing some old friends and just generally hanging out.

I thought Geoffrey Grossenbach’s talk on unobtrusive Javascript was great on Wednesday. This is a pretty useful technique to employ and something that typically gets short shrift in a lot of Web apps. Also, Amy Hoy’s talk on user interface design was first class. There was a lot of material in there I had never even thought about: form separation, slow readers on the Web, the placement of submit buttons, etc. Once the slides go up you should definitely check them out.

I also gave a talk on Comet which, as far as people tell me, wasn’t a complete disaster. I got presentation envy right near my talk after realizing that everyone I had seen so far had at least twice as many slides as I did. There were lots of questions at the end, though, so I’m assuming people were awake for at least part of what I was saying. I was videotaped for the talk so that might appear up here in the future, too.

All in all, it was a really good conference, very smoothly run and I had a blast. Thanks, Chariot Solutions!