Jury Duty == Hell

I just got back from my first (but not last) day of jury duty. This is my third time in 3 years going. Last year, I was the foreman of a jury and this county has a rule that you can’t serve more than once a year. But, of course, when I mentioned that, they conveniently had no record of my prior service.

So, they pull 125 people out for this pool and we all go up and sit in a 90+ degree courtroom all day. They have to interview us all one by one. They started with #1 and by 4:30PM they had gotten all the way up to… wait for it… #10. Out of 125. So, of course, we’re all coming back tomorrow.

At this rate, just the selection process itself could take until Friday afternoon. And the worst part about it was that neither of the 2 breaks we were promised were actually granted and the courtroom has no water, coffee or diversions of any kind. You have to ask to go to the bathroom and there is nothing to do and no one is even allowed to talk to you except the guards and they don’t know anything, anyway. Sure sounds more like prison than civic duty to me…

Its a no-brainer to see why people will come up with any excuse possible to get out of this shit. Open-ended assignments in the bottom of Hell are to be avoided at all costs.