The Movie Industry Is Robbing Us

Seriously. Why would I want a two-DVD pack full of extras and other crap that I couldn’t possibly have time to watch. The only reason to put that stuff on there is to raise the supposed “value” of the purchase, which serves to naturally raise the price.

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard enough time trying to find time to watch the movie itself. And why would I want widescreen and fullscreen versions? What sense does that make?

I can understand it for archival purposes (i.e. you really, really loved the movie), but when it happens for almost every DVD coming out nowadays, its gone way out of control. Let me buy the plain, widescreen DVD with no extras for $5 and then charge the people who have no job the extra $15 for the 17 hours of director commentary and behind-the-scenes cut material. Eventually, I’m going to have that option online and then I’ll most certainly take it. I don’t really care what the director has to say. He should have said it by putting it in the MOVIE.

sigh Another example of America’s psychosis with getting “more” for their money. If you need another example, just have dinner at any casual dining restaurant. Way too much food. I’m all for value at the consumer level, but this kind of thing isn’t value, its extravagence. No one needs their weekly caloric intake in one hour’s worth of time. But we eat it anyway… Don’t wonder why we’re the fattest country on the planet: its because we injest 5,000 calorie meals at The Outback and the go home and sit watching extras on the DVDs we just bought for 4 hours. Meanwhile, 1.5 billion Chinese are getting ready to eat our lunch.

I’m going to get a cookie.