Ruby-sendfile 0.9.1 Released

Just released version 0.9.1 of ruby-sendfile. A lot of changes:

  • Added README and Changelog
  • Added full test suite
  • Works equally well now with blocking and non-blocking sockets
  • Passes all tests on Linux (x86 and AMD64, both 2.6.x) and FreeBSD.
  • Packaged into RubyGem, available on

Check out the main project page for files and forums and such, or just ‘gem install sendfile’ to get started using it. It should autoinstall the rdoc action (ri IO#sendfile) to see how to use it.

To get to 1.0, I will either test or have someone else test on Solaris, although it should work on Solaris as is. As well, I am thinking about allowing you to pass a file path instead of an open file as the first argument and just having the library open and close the file for use with sendfile(2). Also, I might allow you to pass a Range as the second argument, instead of having to use the offset and count parameters. Finally, I might investigate what it would take to support TransferFile() on Windows, but don’t anyone hold their breath. I will accept patches, however.

With luck, Zed might use this in mongrel to really speed up static file transfers.